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Leak Detection with Goldak Instruments, By Ameriserve Repiping

The Goldak Leak Detector allows plumbers to pinpoint the exact location of an underground leak using vibration detection technology. All leaks in a water system create mechanical vibrations when placed under pressure. These vibrations move along the pipe, as well as in right angles away from it, traveling directly to the surface. Using the Goldak device, a plumber attaches a microphone probe to the pipe in question, as well as to all visible fittings. These fittings include valve stems, meters, faucets, and hydrants. When the microphone detects any vibrations, they are converted to electrical pulses, which the device subsequently amplifies and displays. By wearing headphones, the plumber will also be able to “hear” the leak. By comparing several different points, he or she can determine the general area of the leak, utilizing both visual and aural clues. The plumber can then specifically pinpoint the leak with a specialized microphone that reads vibrations through pavement or other flooring.

After discovering the exact location of a leak, the actual repair process becomes much easier, as the plumber can reduce the amount of slab that may need to be removed. Homeowners concerned about a leak should contact Ameriserve Repiping as soon as possible. An expert detector will come to the home immediately, find the leak location, and discuss all options with the homeowner. Using Goldak products, Ameriserve Repiping quickly identifies a client’s problem and fixes the pipe, minimizing any chance of water damage.

About Ameriserve Repiping

Serving the Southern California area, Ameriserve Repiping has offered superior plumbing at competitive prices for more than 30 years. In addition to leak detection, the company offers bathroom remodeling, burst pipe repairs, sewer lining, clog inspections via camera, and debris removal techniques. Ameriserve Repiping primarily replaces older systems with new copper piping. Unlike other piping materials, copper piping lasts with little maintenance and usually no need for repair. In addition, copper withstands incredibly high water pressure, and its installation does not require chemical compounds that harm the environment. For more information about Ameriserve Repiping and its range of services, visit or call (800) 713-5777.



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