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Ameriserve Repiping: Pipe Bursting

Founded in 1979, Ameriserve Repiping has gained widespread recognition across Southern California for its responsive and professional plumbing services. In addition to specializing in the installation of copper piping, one of the safest and most effective water distribution systems available today, Ameriserve offers services that include sewer lining, hydro jetting, bathroom remodeling, and pipe bursting.

As a lower-impact method of replacing buried pipelines, pipe bursting allows property owners to avoid the hassle and mess of digging conventional construction trenches. Ameriserve Repiping typically uses the pipe-bursting process to repair the lateral pipe that connects a residence to the city main, since these pipes can crack or deteriorate over time. Traditionally, replacing lateral pipes has involved unearthing the entire line, an inconvenient and time-consuming process that requires applying for city permits and blocking off the street. By using the pipe-bursting system, however, the experienced team at Ameriserve Repiping can expand and “burst” the faulty cast-iron or clay pipe instead. The fragments of the existing pipe will scatter into the surrounding soil, making room for new connections without trenches or other large-scale construction work.

Ameriserve Repiping uses the comprehensive HammerHead pipe-bursting system, which requires digging only two holes to complete the pipe replacement process. The first hole reveals the lateral waste pipe near the front of the property, while the second hole exposes the sewer main by the street, usually located by the curb. Because the HammerHead machine possesses a 30-ton pulling capacity, the system can pull a bursting head, cable, and replacement pipe through the host line with minimal disruption. The Ameriserve team then uses heat fusion to join the new polyethylene pipe, forging connections at least as strong as the existing pipe and preventing future root penetration.

Pipe bursting can be used to replace water lines, gas lines, sewer mains, and communication ducts, among other pipes. For more information about pipe bursting and other services at Ameriserve Repiping, call (800) 713-5777 or visit



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