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Ameriserve Repiping on Residential Water Pressure Standards and Safety Measures

Water pressure is measured in pounds per square inch, with an average reading of 40-60 PSI in residential properties in the United States. A plumber will measure the water pressure in a property to ensure that the flow is constant. Low water pressure can be a sign of blockage or corrosion, whereas unusually high water pressure may result in undue stress on tap fittings, piping, and appliances, as well as increased costs due to high water usage.

Water must be supplied to the community at a higher pressure level than appropriate for domestic usage, to facilitate firefighting, maintenance of an even pressure in high-rise buildings at increased elevation, and other industrial water usage. For this reason, a device known as a Pressure Reducing Valve is often fitted to a residential property’s supply line. This brass fixture is controlled with a screw valve, and used to increase or decrease the water pressure on the property. This safety measure reduces both unnecessary water consumption and wear and tear on fixtures, appliances, and pipes.

About the Company: A California-based corporation, Ameriserve Repiping is dedicated to plumbing and copper repiping services on both residential and commercial properties. Owner Bob Park leads the Ameriserve Repiping team of plumbing specialists, well-known for their high quality work standards and exceptional customer service.


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