How PEX Piping Saves Money

Ameriserve Repiping began serving the Northern California area in 1979. Since the 1990s, Ameriserve Repiping has provided PEX piping installation services. Two of the many advantages PEX piping provides to homeowners over traditional copper piping are lower initial price and lower maintenance fees over time.

There are a number of reasons why PEX achieves savings. For example, PEX piping can be stored on spools in much higher volumes, consuming less space. This results in lower shipping-and-handling costs for consumers. Traditional rigid piping, on the other hand, must be cut to specific lengths. PEX plumbing systems also require far fewer fittings due to their ability to turn easily at 90-degree angles. 

Not only is PEX piping resistant to cold, greatly reducing the likelihood of a burst pipe, but a PEX system can withstand high levels of acidity without corroding. Lastly, PEX is not a conductor of heat, and so a PEX system wastes less energy.



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