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Ameriserve Repiping: Pipe Bursting

Founded in 1979, Ameriserve Repiping has gained widespread recognition across Southern California for its responsive and professional plumbing services. In addition to specializing in the installation of copper piping, one of the safest and most effective water distribution systems available today, Ameriserve offers services that include sewer lining, hydro jetting, bathroom remodeling, and pipe bursting.

As a lower-impact method of replacing buried pipelines, pipe bursting allows property owners to avoid the hassle and mess of digging conventional construction trenches. Ameriserve Repiping typically uses the pipe-bursting process to repair the lateral pipe that connects a residence to the city main, since these pipes can crack or deteriorate over time. Traditionally, replacing lateral pipes has involved unearthing the entire line, an inconvenient and time-consuming process that requires applying for city permits and blocking off the street. By using the pipe-bursting system, however, the experienced team at Ameriserve Repiping can expand and “burst” the faulty cast-iron or clay pipe instead. The fragments of the existing pipe will scatter into the surrounding soil, making room for new connections without trenches or other large-scale construction work.

Ameriserve Repiping uses the comprehensive HammerHead pipe-bursting system, which requires digging only two holes to complete the pipe replacement process. The first hole reveals the lateral waste pipe near the front of the property, while the second hole exposes the sewer main by the street, usually located by the curb. Because the HammerHead machine possesses a 30-ton pulling capacity, the system can pull a bursting head, cable, and replacement pipe through the host line with minimal disruption. The Ameriserve team then uses heat fusion to join the new polyethylene pipe, forging connections at least as strong as the existing pipe and preventing future root penetration.

Pipe bursting can be used to replace water lines, gas lines, sewer mains, and communication ducts, among other pipes. For more information about pipe bursting and other services at Ameriserve Repiping, call (800) 713-5777 or visit



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Leak Detection with Goldak Instruments, By Ameriserve Repiping

The Goldak Leak Detector allows plumbers to pinpoint the exact location of an underground leak using vibration detection technology. All leaks in a water system create mechanical vibrations when placed under pressure. These vibrations move along the pipe, as well as in right angles away from it, traveling directly to the surface. Using the Goldak device, a plumber attaches a microphone probe to the pipe in question, as well as to all visible fittings. These fittings include valve stems, meters, faucets, and hydrants. When the microphone detects any vibrations, they are converted to electrical pulses, which the device subsequently amplifies and displays. By wearing headphones, the plumber will also be able to “hear” the leak. By comparing several different points, he or she can determine the general area of the leak, utilizing both visual and aural clues. The plumber can then specifically pinpoint the leak with a specialized microphone that reads vibrations through pavement or other flooring.

After discovering the exact location of a leak, the actual repair process becomes much easier, as the plumber can reduce the amount of slab that may need to be removed. Homeowners concerned about a leak should contact Ameriserve Repiping as soon as possible. An expert detector will come to the home immediately, find the leak location, and discuss all options with the homeowner. Using Goldak products, Ameriserve Repiping quickly identifies a client’s problem and fixes the pipe, minimizing any chance of water damage.

About Ameriserve Repiping

Serving the Southern California area, Ameriserve Repiping has offered superior plumbing at competitive prices for more than 30 years. In addition to leak detection, the company offers bathroom remodeling, burst pipe repairs, sewer lining, clog inspections via camera, and debris removal techniques. Ameriserve Repiping primarily replaces older systems with new copper piping. Unlike other piping materials, copper piping lasts with little maintenance and usually no need for repair. In addition, copper withstands incredibly high water pressure, and its installation does not require chemical compounds that harm the environment. For more information about Ameriserve Repiping and its range of services, visit or call (800) 713-5777.


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Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget, by Ameriserve Repiping

One of the best ways to increase the value of a house is to modernize and upgrade the bathrooms. While it’s true that this can be a costly endeavor, there are many ways to do some remodeling while saving on expenses:

1. Start simple: Clean the bathroom while removing any clutter. Then add a fresh coat of paint—a lighter color will make the space appear larger and fresher. These simple steps will make the whole room seem brand new.

2. Refurbish the vanity: A vanity can quickly become outdated. Rather than buy a new one, refurbish the existing one by painting or tiling. More artistic individuals can infuse even more creativity into this project.

3. New flooring: Shop around to find the best deals on a new floor for the bathroom. Ceramic and vinyl are popular options as they are durable and easy to clean. Vinyl is significantly cheaper, though most bathrooms are small, and the cost of tile does not add up significantly.

4. Add accessories and change fixtures: Add a painting or a new shower curtain, or change the light fixtures. Small changes can make a big impact.

About Ameriserve Repiping:
With four locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ameriserve Repiping is a plumbing and piping company that offers a number of services, including sewer lining, copper repiping, leak detection, and bathroom remodeling.

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Ameriserve Repiping: Sewer Lining and Root Growth

Founded in 1979 by an experienced plumbing professional who completed his training through the California State Indentured Apprenticeship Program, Ameriserve Repiping remains family owned and operated more than three decades later. As one of Southern California’s most highly regarded repiping companies, Ameriserve specializes in copper repiping and also offers commercial and residential plumbing services that include pipe bursting, hydro jetting, leak detection, and sewer lining.

Ameriserve Repiping typically provides sewer lining services to customers who report repeated backups that interrupt normal drainage functions, particularly around toilet bowls, showers, or floor drains. These disruptions often result from long-term root growth within the sewer line, which fills the pipe with root masses that attract debris and waste from the home or business. When left untreated, root growth can obstruct the drainage system and eventually lead to the pipe’s collapse. To address problems caused by slow-flowing sewage systems and avoid the costly process of replacing damaged sewer pipes, property owners should schedule regular inspections to prevent tree roots from growing inside the line.

Tree Roots A Growing Problem. Document Sample. Shared by: bnmbgtrtr52

The experienced team at Ameriserve Repiping can determine the cause of toilet and shower backups by inspecting the interior of the horizontal waste pipe with the assistance of a sewer camera, manufactured specifically for this purpose. By inserting the camera through a cleanout or vent, Ameriserve professionals can determine the condition of the sewer line and any necessary repairs. Root growth in sewer lines can be removed through comprehensive cleaning, and Ameriserve Repiping also offers a variety of services to repair structural damage to the pipe.

Sewer Camera

Sewer Camera image by ScottCWaring

Headquartered in Van Nuys, California, Ameriserve Repiping provides plumbing support through company locations in Riverside, Santa Clara, and North San Diego Counties. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, call (800) 713-5777 or visit

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A Brief History of Ancient Plumbing and Sewer Systems

by Ameriserve RepipingDerived from the Latin word for “lead,” plumbing, as we know it, extends back to the urban environments of the Indus Valley Civilization of 2700 BCE. In its earliest inception, plumbing took the form of earthen piping that transported liquid water and waste by way of broad flanges, avoiding leaks through the application of asphalt. Later innovations in plumbing took place in ancient Greece, Persia, China, India, and Rome, where early engineers created the aqueduct, sewers, and lead piping systems for potable water.

Rough estimates place the development of the first Roman sewers in the eighth or ninth century BCE. They were initially used to drain storm runoff and marshes. Approximately 200 years later, the Cloaca Maxima (“Greatest Sewer”) built by Etruscan engineers flowed through Central Rome, draining the land surrounding the Forum and emptying into the Tiber River. The Cloaca Maxima eventually served as the main artery of the Roman sewage network, connecting individual houses and public facilities to the system. Covered in 33 B.C., the Cloaca Maxima became one of the first-known underground sewer systems in the world.

For potable water, the Ancient Romans used lead piping systems, which surprisingly resulted in infrequent cases of lead poisoning, as the rich calcium levels in the water created an internal plaque barrier, normally preventing contact with the lead itself. During the Dark Ages, much of the plumbing technology of Ancient Rome was forgotten and little modern advancement took place until the 19th century, in the midst of the Industrial Revolution.

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