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Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget, by Ameriserve Repiping

One of the best ways to increase the value of a house is to modernize and upgrade the bathrooms. While it’s true that this can be a costly endeavor, there are many ways to do some remodeling while saving on expenses:

1. Start simple: Clean the bathroom while removing any clutter. Then add a fresh coat of paint—a lighter color will make the space appear larger and fresher. These simple steps will make the whole room seem brand new.

2. Refurbish the vanity: A vanity can quickly become outdated. Rather than buy a new one, refurbish the existing one by painting or tiling. More artistic individuals can infuse even more creativity into this project.

3. New flooring: Shop around to find the best deals on a new floor for the bathroom. Ceramic and vinyl are popular options as they are durable and easy to clean. Vinyl is significantly cheaper, though most bathrooms are small, and the cost of tile does not add up significantly.

4. Add accessories and change fixtures: Add a painting or a new shower curtain, or change the light fixtures. Small changes can make a big impact.

About Ameriserve Repiping:
With four locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ameriserve Repiping is a plumbing and piping company that offers a number of services, including sewer lining, copper repiping, leak detection, and bathroom remodeling.


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