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Ameriserve Repiping: Sewer Lining and Root Growth

Founded in 1979 by an experienced plumbing professional who completed his training through the California State Indentured Apprenticeship Program, Ameriserve Repiping remains family owned and operated more than three decades later. As one of Southern California’s most highly regarded repiping companies, Ameriserve specializes in copper repiping and also offers commercial and residential plumbing services that include pipe bursting, hydro jetting, leak detection, and sewer lining.

Ameriserve Repiping typically provides sewer lining services to customers who report repeated backups that interrupt normal drainage functions, particularly around toilet bowls, showers, or floor drains. These disruptions often result from long-term root growth within the sewer line, which fills the pipe with root masses that attract debris and waste from the home or business. When left untreated, root growth can obstruct the drainage system and eventually lead to the pipe’s collapse. To address problems caused by slow-flowing sewage systems and avoid the costly process of replacing damaged sewer pipes, property owners should schedule regular inspections to prevent tree roots from growing inside the line.

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The experienced team at Ameriserve Repiping can determine the cause of toilet and shower backups by inspecting the interior of the horizontal waste pipe with the assistance of a sewer camera, manufactured specifically for this purpose. By inserting the camera through a cleanout or vent, Ameriserve professionals can determine the condition of the sewer line and any necessary repairs. Root growth in sewer lines can be removed through comprehensive cleaning, and Ameriserve Repiping also offers a variety of services to repair structural damage to the pipe.

Sewer Camera

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Headquartered in Van Nuys, California, Ameriserve Repiping provides plumbing support through company locations in Riverside, Santa Clara, and North San Diego Counties. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, call (800) 713-5777 or visit


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